I Grew up in Lakewood and Long Beach California, and very was lucky to have parents and extended family that were musicians. The family would get together to play music, so I was constantly surrounded by it. I got started at a very young age playing piano, and over the years I played many instruments and took interest in many aspects of music and sound.

     My first band was a ska band in middle school called Caffeine Free that I played saxophone in. We started by playing with friends from the band class after school. I met many great musicians at Long Beach Poly High School and played in the Jazz and Concert Band. This was when we got our first paid gigs as jazz combos playing restaurants, bars, and events. I also started producing hip-hop beats for friends at school, namely the Hostyle Crew and Big Red. After this I played in many local Reggae, Rock, and R&B Bands around the Long Beach Area including but not limited to Cellar Door, Canela Negra, Red Eye Redemption, Flite, Farley, the Kickbacks, Bearwulf, and Jen Corday. I played various instruments in these bands: bass, guitar, keys, and sax. I also have always played jazz, bluegrass, and Irish music with my parents, Aunt, and Uncle.

Sometime around 2011 I got started with the Humble Hooligans and ever since life’s been a blur of shows, trips, beers, great music, and great fun! Now I play the four-string Irish tenor banjo for some strange reason and listen to the Pogues and Chieftains all the time. Over the years I’ve had many great music teachers and mentors, so thanks to Dave A. Conrad, Florence Conrad, Gary Spangler, Pam Spangler, Naomi Norwick, Chris Stevens, Andy Osmund, Rusty Higgins, Mandeda Uch, the late Jerri Taylor, the late Leo Potts, Ray Briggs, and all the awesome bandmates I’ve had over the years who I’ve learned so much from.

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