MY first introduction to drums was our neighborhood high school marching band in Barranquilla. They would march around the neighborhood, showing off, all in sync.  Then, when I was in 6th grade in Long Beach, the high school drum-line came and performed for us. It was then I knew that I wanted to play drums. 
     A couple of years later I would be part of that drum-line playing all the different drums at different times, along with piano, and trumpet. In college I had the opportunity to play for the USC marching band where I mainly played snare.  I was lucky to have been selected to perform in the Grammys behind Andre 3000 and Outkast the year they won for the song “Hey Ya”. 
     I had dabbled on the drum set a little bit through high school and some in college but my first experience in a band playing the drum set was with the Spanish rock band “Zinomé”.  I played with them for about 7 years. After that I met Troy through a mutual friend in late 2010 and that’s when I joined the Humble Hooligans. I was introduced to a new world of music and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with not only the music, but the culture that surrounds the music, and even developed a new taste for Guinness!
     I’ve had many other projects while playing with the Humble Hooligans which has helped me keep my drumming honest. I’m willing to play many different styles of music, and am glad that I’ve continued to be a part of this fun project, not only because it keeps challenging me, but because these guys are like a second family.
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