IN celebration of our fifteen year anniversary as a band, we have planned many special events for 2019. The very first of which was debuted on Christmas Day 2018, our video for our new single ‘Sick to Death’. We’re very excited to be releasing new music. The first major release of the year will be a traditional album with a Humble Hooligan spin (Feb/Mar 2019), then several notable shows, and another album release in September/October of 2019. Lastly, we’re committed to taking a group of fans to Ireland towards the end of the year! As part of our history, we wanted to share some of the memorable moments of the band captured in photographs over the years. Check out the gallery below. Be sure to check back in as more photos get added over the next several months.

 Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this project over the years. In 2004 four guys got together in Huntington Beach and put together the band, founding members Kevin Berry, Chuck Arnold, Cory Willis, and Troy Rulmyr came together to play some fun Irish music. Over the years members have come and gone, and each and everyone of them made an impact on the band. Listed in no particular order are the past and present members of the Humble Hooligans. . .

Kevin Berry – Guitar

Jimmy Murphy – Mandolin

Kelly Boardman – Vocals/Irish Dance

Camillo Barahona – Violin

Helmut De La Cruz – Drums

Christine Flowers – Violin

Matt Maulding – Accordion/Whistles

Rupert Engledow – Violin

Loren Gamarra – Bass/Trumpet

Tanner Parrot – Drums

Damris Smeu – Violin

Natalie Rulmyr – Vocals/Tamborine

Declan Rulmyr – Vocals

Jerry – Percussion

Eric Avdeef – Drums

Michael Gillian – Bass/Tuba

Kevin Taylor – Accordion/Trombone

Gee Rabe – Accordion

Sheila McCabe – Guitar

Rob Conrad – Bass/Tenor Banjo

Heath Milton – Bass/Guitar

Bill Singer – Mandolin/Guitar

Brian Carroll – Accordion

Freddie Dilsdale – Bass/Guitar

Chuck Arnold – Bass

Cory Willis – Drums

Jeff Fish – Drums

Ben Sturly – Bass

Matias Chaidez – Violin

Tommy Ring – Bass


Evan Phaelan – Bass

Scott Clowes – Bass/Drums

Damine Murray – Drums

Honorary Members:

Cathy Alonzo – Violin

Matt Hill – Guitar

Johnny Shuffles – Drums

Clint Westwood – Banjo (5 String)

Ben Rush – Bass/Mandolin

Nolan Lynch – Bazouki

Chris Hatt – Bass

Eric Thomas – Bodhran

Adam McIntyre – Guitar/Bass

Jeremy Shelton – Vocals/Guitar

Sean McLaughlin – Vocals/Guitar

Band Photos

Band Flyers and Artwork

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