The Humble Hooligans are:

  • 5 Guys, and sometimes several gals who sub in from time to time.
  • Guamanian, Columbian, Mexican, Hawaiian, Welsh, British, German, and Irish.
  • Have the ability to play over 20 instruments and each member can play at least three.
  • Rescue and love animals!
  • Have traveled collectively to over thirty countries including India, all over South America, North America, all throughout Europe, and Iceland!
  • Have odd collections like. . . Bowties, Vinyl Records. Chickens, Old Music Books, Instruments (Even ones they can’t play), sports and trading cards, and power tools.
  • Between the five of them they have played over 10,000 gigs (approx. and with all of their bands combined).
  • Have studied and practiced three different martial arts, Judo, Capoeira, and Karate.
  • Have seven kids.
  • Have 8 dogs, 2 cats, loads of chickens, and a fish named Seaweed.
  • Can drive a manual transmission and two have motorcycle licenses.
  • All of them have been teachers at some point.
  • Have written 7 books collectively.
  • Have more than 10 tattoos between them.
  • Love Moonpies.
  • Love to hike and go on adventures.
  • Live in Three different States.
  • BEARDS! and facial hair. . .Ears and Eyebrows count right?!?!
  • Have attended 13 different Colleges!
  • Love making and Performing music! (Duh)

Rob Conrad

Freddie Dilsdale

Matt Maulding

Helmut De La Cruz

Troy Rulmyr

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